Major FL Storm Hits Near Student Homes

Hurricane Irma was the most devastating Atlantic hurricane seen in nearly twenty years. Several Northwood students reside or have family in the Sunshine State.  The hurricane was the first category five storm to hit the United States in more than a decade.

Seniors Alec Herman and Sierra Benjamin live in usually sunny Florida when not attending school.

Alec Herman’s Delray Beach home in southeastern Florida saw intense winds, but survived with little damage. “We did not really get hit as bad,” said Herman. “It was originally expected to go up the east coast then took a turn up the west. We just got the edge of the hurricane, we were very lucky compared to some of those who were very unfortunate to have made impact with the hurricane.”

Hurricane Irma left millions of people with widespread power outages. Extreme heat and flooding have complicated cleanup. Volunteers from nearby states and throughout Florida are working very hard to help out those who were hit.

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