Humans of Northwood: Mr. Chris Pierce


“I teach three courses: AP Statistics, Precalculus, and Honors Precalculus. I am also serving as the 12th Grade Dean. I coach the cross country team, and in the spring I believe I will be working with Mr. Welsh with the lacrosse team. I have three children, Owen who is a freshman, Baxter who is in 7th grade, and Calder who is in 2nd grade. My family was [at Northwood] 11 years ago, and I was teaching math. Since we left,  I was away from teaching, working in medical research, doing a lot of statistics and data analysis with medical doctors and academic researchers at Johns Hopkins University. My research was in epidemiology, a very stats-quantitative field that has to do with disease, the distribution of disease and how disease happens in a population of people. We were living in Baltimore, and I was thinking about coming back to teaching. My wife [English teacher Ms. Aerie Treska] has been teaching all along, and I think she was ready for a new environment. We started thinking about it, and we were like, ‘How can we get ourselves closer to a place we love and in a community we would be excited about?’ We realized we had a community that we knew well and loved at Northwood.”

As told to Matthew Shanklin


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