Exit Interview: Ms. Cency Middleton

This article is part of a series of interviews of departing faculty conducted by The Mirror staff.

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When did you start working at Northwood and how long have you been here?

I started working here in July 2016 so… almost a year.

What different jobs have you done/ classes have you taught?

I have taught freshman English, helped to direct the writing center along with amazing students, helped with many rec sports, helped with admissions work and the Northwood open house. I’ve loved being a dorm parent in The House, and I am the 9th grade class dean.

Why did you decide to leave your Northwood job?

Very personal reasons. Mostly due to a lot of change in my life so it just felt like the right time. I am finally ready for a new exciting next step.

What are your future plans? Where are you going?

I’m going to be working at a day school in New York City, Herschel School, teaching 7th grade. I’m excited for a change, but it doesn’t come without a lot of mixed emotions. I’m really sorry and sad to be leaving, but I know it’s the right thing and time to start a new adventure.

Do you have a best story/fondest memory/funniest happening that you could tell?

One of my favorite memories happened this winter when we got the freshman class together and went ice skating on Mirror Lake. It was fun to watch the better skaters help the not-so-good ones learn to skate. It was an opportunity to organize something, get kids excited for it, and once we were out there, everyone had a great time. Then we went back to my apartment, had a hot chocolate. It was a really fun afternoon full of bonding, laughing and skating.

What did your time here teach you?

I think I’ve learned more about myself during this singular year at Northwood then I have at my last school, where I worked for 3 years. I’ve learned that I really love being in the classroom; it is probably when I am the happiest. I’ve learned that, like everyone, I have good and bad days and that’s okay. I’ve learned that I am a lot stronger and more independent than I thought I was before. I’ve learned that sometimes the hardest decision is still the right decision.


Dear Ms. Middleton:

This whole year has blown by so quickly. Even though I was never in one of your classes, you have still made a great impact on my everyday life at Northwood.

As a freshman, it was great to know that there was a teacher who was always looking out for me. No matter what I needed, from late-night boy drama to S’mores and sandwiches, you were always there for me. You always went the extra mile even when it did not seem like I appreciated it.

Over the course of the year, we have formed a unique bond that I’ve never had with a teacher. You and I have heard each other’s drama and issues and we helped each other through all of the tough times. I see you more as an older sister rather than another faculty member. My next three years at the school will not be the same without you and our emergency Starbucks runs. However, I wish you the best with anything you pursue in the future, and I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me this past year.

Thank you for making this school year as tolerable as possible.


Lexi Hooper


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