Opinion: Policy on Student Center Unfair


Sabryna Strack ’17

The student center is a place where students spend their free time. It is equipped with a ping-pong table, pool table, foosball table, and multiple televisions. A favored way to spend free time at Northwood is by gathering in the student center with friends and watching a movie.

This is something students enjoy but teachers are hesitant about because some couples engage in inappropriate activities. This often leads to the student center being shut down for a period of time or lights being turned on in the middle of a movie.

For those of us not among the group of students that teachers constantly must reprimand, the situation gets tiresome. It is unfair to close the student center in the middle of a movie due to the actions of others.

Aude Marie ‘18 remarks “I don’t think it’s fair to the students that just want to relax and watch a movie. The whole point of the student center is so that students can hang out there.”

I understand that teachers feel as though they have no other option and that they are only trying to do their jobs, but I don’t think their methods are fair or effective A better solution is to ask anyone breaking the rules to leave the student center. If they choose to return to the student center, as I have seen done in the past, then they should receive some form of punishment, such as dish crew.

Northwood could also approach the situation like other boarding schools, including Andover, which allow female and male students to visit each others dorm rooms, but that’s a topic for another article.


Andover allows boys and girls to visit each others dorm rooms (Source: Andover’s Blue Book).


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