Ski Team Dominates at West Mountain


Northwood and NYSEF racers at the start, fired up for the event.

(January 13-15, 2017) This past weekend, the U16 team and some U19 team members and coach Haggerty went to West Mountain for two slalom races . The race was a mix of U16s, U18s and U21s. The U16s, who competed against U18 and U21s,  had the chance to be on the podium twice during the day if they ended up top 3 overall and for U16s only. On the first day of slalom, the ladies ended up with 3 bronze medals won by Sarah Bennett ‘19, Julia Geraldi ‘20, and Aiden Smith ‘19 and 1 gold medal for Sarah Bennett.

The rest of the team also did well: six skiers were in the top ten, including Chelsea Smith ‘19, in fifth place for U16s. The day was disappointing for others like Sarah Coombs ‘19 who injured her shoulder in the middle of her second run and was not able to finish.

Results for the first day:

  • Sarah Bennett: (Starting bib 2) 3rd overall, 1st for U16, (2.55s) off leading time
  • Julia Geraldi: (Starting bib 27) 6th overall, 3rd for U16, (8.18s) off leading time
  • Chelsea Smith: (Starting bib 4) 13th overall, 5th for u1 6, (10.27s) off leading time
  • Kimberly Ellis ‘17: (Starting bib 19) 16th overall, (14.93s) off leading time
  • Jojo Rosenbluth ‘19: (starting  bib 20) 17th overall, 6 U16, 15.43 off leading time
  • Danielle Mason ‘17: (Starting bib 17) 22nd  overall, (16.66s) off leading time
  • Amanda Hinge ‘17: ( Starting bib 30) 42 overall,(26.22s) off leading time
  • Sarah Coombs: (starting bib 8) Did Not Finish
  • Aiden Smith: (starting bib 105) 10th overall, 3rd for U16, (5.16s) off leading time
  • Martin McDonough ‘20: (Starting bib 130) 27th overall, 12th for U16. (17:30s) off leading time

On the second day, the skiers took more medals home with nine racers in the top ten including both overall and U16. One bronze medal was won by Chelsea Smith, two silver medals were won by Sarah Coombs and Sarah Bennett and one gold won by Sarah Bennett.

Results Day 2:

  • Sarah Bennett: (starting bib 3)  2nd overall, 1st for U16 ,( 1.32s ) off leading time
  • Sarah Coombs: (starting bib 6)  4th overall, 2nd for U16,. (2.85s) off leading time
  • Chelsea Smith: (starting bib 15) 8th overall, 3rd U16. (6.61s) off leading time
  • Julia Geraldi: (starting bib 26) 10th overall, 4th U16, (7.25s) off leading time
  • Jojo Rosenbluth: (starting bib 19) 22nd overall, 8th U16, (12.18s) off leading time
  • Kimberly Ellis: (starting bib 18) overall 23rd, (12.81s) off leading time
  • Danielle Mason: (starting bib 16) 24th overall, (14.34s) off leading time
  • Amanda Hinge: (starting bib 28) 29th overall, (17.05s) off leading time
  • Martin McDonough : (starting bib 131), 32nd overall, 15th for U16, (19.52s) off leading time
  • Aiden Smith: DNF


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