Mr. Mellor from a Student’s Eyes


Mr. Don Mellor (Photo: The Mountaineer)

Mr. Mellor keeps his eyes straight ahead as he drives the bus. His thin-rimmed glasses look glued to his face and his t-shirt hangs down from his broad shoulders. As he delicately guides the bus around each bend the veins in his forearms pop out like a 3-D movie. Not particularly large in stature he more than makes up for it with the size of his arms. His hair is snowy white and stands up as if it had been attacked by a balloon. His beard look like sandpaper, scruffy and short. Mellor makes a hard stop at a construction light and doesn’t move a muscle as he waits for the light to turn green. He continues on at a steady speed as he works his way around corner after corner. Mellor flicks the blinker on, pulls off the road, and brings the bus to a halt. He stands up and jumps out the bus door eager to get out after the long ride.

– Contributed by Kevin Quinn ’19


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