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Mr. Brad D’Arco (Photo provided)

What is your job at Northwood?
I am the Director of Admission and Financial Aid.

What brought you to Northwood?
As Mrs. D’Arco and I learned about Northwood through last winter and early spring, it became very apparent that Northwood is a place that has not only a tremendous history, but will also have a great future.

What made you pick your career?
Both of my parents were teachers and my sister is a teacher as well, so getting into education seemed natural, and I love the experience I had as a boarding school student.

My career in schools started with me being a teacher, coach, dorm parent and advisor, in addition to working in admissions. Over the years, my interests and passions evolved to where admissions became my primary focus.

What did you do before working at Northwood?
I was the Director of Admission and Strategic Initiatives for The White Mountain School in Bethlehem, NH.

What are your first impressions of Northwood?
Thus far I have been really impressed by student culture and community and also the abilities of our teachers.

Do you have kids and would you like them to go to Northwood?
Mrs. D’Arco and I have two children. Our daughter Mia is 8 years old and our son Landon is 6. One of the reasons that we choose to join the Northwood community was that we felt it would be a great place for our children.

What do you think Northwood is going to bring you?
My hope is that my job in admission allows me to travel and tell people around the country and the world about Northwood and hopefully bring some great students in who add to culture and community.

Before working here did you have any connection to Northwood?
In addition to having known Mr. Maher for many years, I had been to Lake Placid many times as kid and also fairly consistently as an adult. I also have a very close friend whose family lives on the edge of our campus.

How is Northwood different or similar to your high school?
For my first two years of high school I went to an all boys day school near where I grew up in Connecticut. I choose to go to boarding school after my sophomore year. The boarding school I graduated from was similar to Northwood in many ways other than the fact that is was much larger and we had classes every Saturday.

How do you like Lake Placid?
I have always loved coming to visit Lake Placid, and thus far we have loved living here. There is a lot for me and my family to do in town and the surrounding areas and there is always something exciting happening.

What is your favorite memory so far?
I have not been here all that long, but I really enjoyed the excitement and energy around move-in day. It was great seeing all the students and having an opportunity to meet them and their families. I am always excited when a new school year begins.

Tell us something most people here don’t know about you?
My first job in schools was teaching 8th grade English at an all boys school, and I also taught European History, American History and Modern African Politics.


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