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Ms. Morgan Illikainen (Photo: Sarah Bennett ’18)

What is your job here at Northwood?
I am the 10th grade world history teacher,the girls assistant hockey coach and girls assistant lax coach.

What brought you to Northwood?
After graduating college I decided to move in Lake Placid. I always wanted to coach hockey, and a position opened up here at Northwood. It is like the best of both worlds, being able to teach and coach at the same time.

What made you pick your career?
I was born into a teaching family. I have always enjoyed working with kids. I have worked with a lot of younger groups coaching hockey, and this is my first time being in a high school environment.

What are your first impressions of Northwood?
I love Northwood, it is a very small but welcoming community, everyone looks out for each other here, everyone wants the best for each other. Everyone here works very hard and it is a very special place.

What do you think Northwood is going to bring you?
I think it is going to challenge me and push me. So far only from a couple of weeks it has brought me a lot of happiness, I look forward to settling here and I think it is going to be a good place to live for a long time.

Before you started working here did you have any connections at Northwood?
My college hockey coach is from Lake Placid. He new some people at Northwood. He was my connection to the school, he gave me some information about Northwood.

How is Northwood different or similar from your high school?
The size is very different from the high school I went to. It was much bigger. Northwood does a great job of preparing kids for college which is something I wish that I had. Lake Placid is similar to where I lived but, other than that it is very different.

How do you like Lake Placid?
I love lake placid because it reminds her of home town. I love the lakes. I have taken up a new hobby, hiking. I really like the outdoors so it is a good spot to be.

What are your favorite memories at school so far?
My first teaching moment and first time being a coach is a great memory. I’m no longer a player and a student, and it is fun to be on the other side of things.


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