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The feature senior profile is Kim Mongrain. Kim was a member of the class of 2016 from Quebec, Canada. She attended Northwood School for one year as a Post-Graduate. Kim is our feature profile, not because her story is common at Northwood, but because of the way she rose out of the adversity.  Usually, a senior gets accepted to colleges, picks one and goes, but that doesn’t always happen. In the words of Robert Burns, “Best laid plans, of mice and men, oft go awry.” Here is Kim’s story and how she made the best of her circumstances:

Kim M

Kim Mongrain ‘ 16

Northland College was supposed to be the “good news,” the relief of finally having found a college where I could have played division III hockey and having an interesting study program. I got accepted, and was in contact with the coach. We were even close to planning a visit of the for me campus. My only problem was that the scholarship they were offering me wasn’t enough. Since the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar, it was too expensive for my parents.. I was close but I had to decline my acceptance. Two years ago, I left my home in order to pursue my dream to play college hockey. I started at the Ontario Hockey Academy and ended up at Northwood and finish the year without finding anywhere to play. I guess, after Northland, deception affected my choices. I then applied to Laurentian and Brock, in Canada, because they both have a CIS hockey team, but it was too late; they already had fulfilled their roster. I still got accepted at Laurentian and Brock but after reflection, I realised that my dream to play college hockey wasn’t going to happen so I decided to decline and go home. Once again, the program I wanted to apply for had a deadline on March first and I tried to applied on March second. I was lost. I had to give up college hockey and my plan of entering college this year. I decided to just take a break for the following year. This summer I will be working at a summer hockey camp ,called “École de hockey La Capitale”, as a monitor. Then, I will still pursue the year in Quebec City, hoping to find an active and interesting job. For the school part, I now have to wait until this autumn to apply again into the Athletic training program at University Laval and hopefully be in for Autumn 2017. I still want to be an Athletic trainer.

All the previous events and past seasons made me question my real passion and desire for the game. I thought I would never question my love for hockey but I was wrong. It’s sad to say it but I don’t know what hockey means to me anymore.

– Kim Mongrain

A Sampling of Other Seniors and Their Plans  

 Barry  Boyer
Khaly Barry
Khaly wants to work in International Business and hopes to achieve this by going to the University of Tampa. He attended Northwood for two years before graduating and was a talented hockey player.
Brooke Boyer
After two years as a Northwood student and hockey player, Brooke graduated and decided to go to William Smith College. She aspires to be a dentist. 
 faga  haineault
Steven Fagan
Steven attended Northwood for two years before graduating. He will study exercise science and kinesiology at Duquesne University.
Michael Justin Haineault
Justin studied at Northwood as a postgraduate for a year while skiing. He plans to study medicine and health sciences at McGill University.
 unavail  Rose
Rachel Hollander
Rachel is one of Northwood’s “four year survivors.” She is going to Smith College in the fall to study environmental science and sustainability.
Wanrong (Rose) Li
Rose is another “four year survivor.” She is going to the School of Visual Arts in the fall to study commercial arts or fashion design.
 smith  song
Dillon Smith
Dillon came to Northwood as a sophomore and stayed for three years before he graduated. He wants to become a surgeon after he graduates from Harvard University.
BaoLong (Bruce) Song
Bruce is going to Emerson College after studying at Northwood for a year. He hopes this college will lead him to his goal of becoming a filmmaker.



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