Exit Interview: Mr. Josh LeRoy


Mr. Josh LeRoy

This article is part of a series of interviews of departing faculty conducted by Aude Marie Ackebo ‘ 18.

When did you start working at Northwood and how long have you been here for?

I started working here in 2005 and this is my eleventh year here.

What different jobs have you done/ classes have you taught?

Besides being the athletic director for the past eight years, I have taught calculus, statistics, algebra three, geology my first year and pre-calculus. I have coached conditioning and basically all of the hockey teams. I have also coached tennis for a year.

Why did you decide to leave your Northwood job?

An opportunity came up from the school I used to work at twelve years ago. It is in New Hampshire and my best friend works there. He called me saying that the position of director of student life opened up so I would be the dean of students, head of residential life, and head of their leadership program. It is an all boy’s school, 6 through 9, so having two young boys going to third grade and kindergarten, it’s an ideal spot for them to eventually go to school. Also, being able to work with my best friend who I went to college with is something I have been looking forward to and hoping to do one day. It’s really difficult to leave Northwood but we’re keeping our house here and living here in the summer so it’s a better opportunity for my family and for me not to travel as much for hockey. I’m going to be doing something I really want to and be around my family a lot more.

Do you have a best story/fondest memory/funniest happening that you could tell?

Every year, there are new great memories happening and that’s probably the most difficult part: to leave all these memories. From the first time coaching here 11 years ago, where the top boys team won the cover tournament to when I was the head coach of the junior team and we won the Northwood tournament. Even this year, I had a lot of fun with kids in my statistics class. I have really enjoyed a lot of it. I still talk to people from 11 years years ago that I first taught or coached and that is a really unique piece about Northwood: how close you stay with the kids. It’s hard to pick one thing but it has been a really enjoyable time here.

Did you have a favorite year? Favorite part, class or team?

The midget hockey team from this year was more fun than I ever could have imagined. I laughed a lot, and it was great because the kids listened and we had fun. We didn’t have the best record but it was a great season. It’s tough to say because I’ve had a lot of fun and great memories. I still remember the geology class that I thought and I might have not been a geology guy but working with them and getting through it was a lot of fun. There are so many I can’t pinpoint one.

What did your years here teach you?

To be honest, to work as hard as you can but still enjoy yourself, and to be happy. I got along with everyone here and our school is not a very preppy prep school but a blue color down-to-earth kind of school where we all appreciate each other. I don’t think there are many schools like this. We are so small, it’s like a big family. The family like atmosphere is probably the biggest thing on this take away because it’s like taking my family and making it bigger by 175 kids.

What are your future plans? Where are you going?

I’m going to Cardigan Mountain School in New Hampshire. I’m going to be the director and student life and I will be working with my wife there as well. My boys will go to elementary school in the town, we will take it year by year and spend more time together. We will enjoy our time in Lake Placid every summer and vacation because we’ll only be 3 hours away. In a year? Who knows. We are trying to take it a year at a time but I know that I don’t want my kids’ childhood to fly by without hanging out with them.




Kaden Pickering ’17 (left) with Mr. LeRoy

The Northwood students would like to congratulate you on your new position at Cardigan Mountain School and wish you good luck in the upcoming tasks that you’re new position throws at you. I speak on behalf of the entire school that your playful grin, slight accent, and love for sports, especially the game of hockey, will truly be missed. It can not be expressed in words how crucial you have been to so many students’ development over the years you have been with us at Northwood. We wish you and your family the best as you move on to new things and experiences, but we know you will do great. You will always be in the minds and hearts of those at Northwood who were fortunate enough to have you as a teacher, mentor, coach, and or friend.

Best wishes,

Kaden Pickering


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