Fall in the Adirondacks

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The long, warm summer days are over, but in its place has come the beautiful fall season. The trees have come alive with vibrant colours, and grow brighter everyday as we enter October. We are lucky to have the longest fall season in the country, allowing us to enjoy the gradual change to winter without having its delicate moments fleet by.

Brisk winds have moved in, sweeping away the humidity in its wake. Put on your windbreaker and head outside, you will find the cool, dry air makes hiking pleasant. Go to Cascade Mountain, where you will find a magnificent view of the mountains and valleys, which will soon be drenched in a sea of orange, yellows, purples and reds. For those wanting to stay closer to home, try hiking up Cobble after noon, when the fog lifts. From there you can see Mirror Lake, the fall foliage and the village of Lake Placid during its most serene season.

Enjoy what you can before the snow keeps you in.


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