Humans of Northwood: Tomás Restrepo ‘20 

My plans after Northwood are big. I want to go to a top school and play soccer at the highest level. I want to continue growing as a soccer player and a student. After college, my dream is to become a professional player in the sport I love the most.

But for now, I’m thinking about returning to Northwood for a PG year. I was planning on going to college because I had a couple of good offers. But after discussing with my coach, I’ve decided that it would be nice to do a PG. I think I’m still young for college. So after another year at Northwood, I hope I’ll be more mature and have more college choices.

I come from Medellín, Colombia. Back in my country, I reached a point where I had to choose between soccer and academics. But Northwood helped me do both of them at a high level. When I leave Northwood, I’ll miss the people and my teammates the most. I will see a lot of people after I graduating from Northwood, but I don’t think I’ll be able to meet people as amazing as them ever again. At Northwood, I was able to meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures and languages. Another thing I like about Northwood is that it allows me to fully focus on my dream without any distractions. The growth that I’ve felt within myself has been incredible, and I value it very much.

The Northwood experience is always going to be in my heart. I’ll always remember it with a lot of joy.

– As told to Olivia Paul ’21


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