Nemec’s Iconically Untucked Yellow Shirt

Mr. Jeff Nemec and his famous yellow shirt.

Mr. Jeff Nemec and his famous yellow shirt.

Mr. Nemec lingers through Cobble Field, taking in the smell of pine trees. Surrounded by the Adirondack woodland he walks along, his Bean boots dragging behind. A soft echo follows the flapping of his rubber boots and the chomping of his homemade trail mix.  Long messy hair bounces with every step and his baggy khakis sway. His head finally rises after staring at the grass for most of his walk and a worn, leathery face appears from his red flannel.  His thin wire glasses reflect a small glare from the sunlight, bringing out his deep, acorn eyes.  He reaches the main door and pulls off his red flannel exposing his iconically untucked yellow shirt and red tie. He is deep in thought as he walks into the lobby.


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