US History Students Discover Ft. Ticonderoga

Northwood US History students had a historic tour of one of the sites involved in the Revolutionary War. The Northwood US history and AP US history classes traveled to Fort Ticonderoga on September 20.

The trip was led by Mr. Simon Shergold, who says “I wanted my students to understand more about the local environment and history. Having a chance to visit local historical sites provides international students with a better understanding of our history.” Fort Ticonderoga also directly correlates to what students are learning in US history classes. This field trip gets students out of the classroom and helps them better understand what they are studying.

Fort Ticonderoga is about an hour and a half from Lake Placid. The students loaded the bus at 8am and arrived around 10am. They spent the first hour touring the fort and learning the general history of it. They got to watch a musket demonstration before separating into groups to do a workshop rotation. The rotation consisted of historic trade workshops, a hands-on demonstration and a primary source workshop.  Students had a final artillery demonstration before making their final comments and departing. They arrived back at school in time for dinner at around 5pm.

Upon returning to school, students were asked for feedback to help improve the trip for future classes. Trey Zeren ‘25 a student in Mr. Shelgold’s class enjoyed the trip. “My favorite thing was the canon demonstration. I thought the trip was fun, but there could have been more interactive things.”

Most students said they had an enjoyable day and really liked the more hands-on aspects of the workshops. They’d like more time to explore the fort and access the primary source material. Which is something Mr. Simon Shegold plans to work on for next year.


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