Catching Up with Kendin Basden ’22

Kendin Basden ’22 (Photo: Kenyon College Athletics)

I recently enjoyed catching up with Northwood Alum Kendin Basden ’22. Kendin is a first-year student at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Kendin plays for Kenyon’s prestigious men’s soccer team in Division III NCAC. As a soccer player, I valued getting the perspective of someone who has undergone the recruitment process using Northwood’s resources.

Kendin went to Northwood for three years; through those years, he was a leader on and off the field. Originally from Bermuda, he came to America before high school to attend North Country School. As a dedicated student-athlete, he has always been passionate about his sport and worked hard to excel both on and off the field. Now, having moved on from his high school to play in college, he is excited to take his skills to the next level and continue pursuing his dreams.

Kendin discussed his adjustment period, where he had to balance the academic workload with his athletic commitments, adjust to living away from home, and adapt to a new social environment. Fortunately, because of Northwood, two out of three of these Kendin already was well versed in. “At Northwood, you have to make your own schedule, to do things at a scheduled time which helps in college because nobody is forcing you to do anything… Having this in place beforehand definitely helps to keep yourself accountable,” Kendin said.

The other aspect of his experience was moving on to the next level to undergo his dream of playing collegiate soccer. “On a good day, I’d like to think we [Northwood] are one of the best prep schools/academies in the country. I think the level of football (soccer) we play will help you get into any school; the level here, whether it is mental IQ, hustle, or technical, and guys getting up at 6 am, that is stuff that helps you where ever you go… I am definitely better off than the guys who came from normal high schools,” Kendin said.

One of the most intriguing pieces of advice that Kendin gave me was, “A lot of people say to put school first, or football first or put whatever first, but in my opinion, you can put whatever you want first as long as you are giving your all into that.” Kendin added that Northwood gives its students the resources to do that with the facilities and the supportive faculty.

“Northwood gives people like us the opportunity to choose what we want to put first and have the other be a close second,” Kendin said.


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