Students on Edge Awaiting Test Results 

Staff at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard process test samples in Cambridge, MA. Northwood uses Broad for most of the school’s testing program. (Courtesy Scott Sassone for the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)

A recent coronavirus outbreak at school has students on edge. They are eager to get yesterday’s allschool test results back this evening. Students hope the results will end the schoolwide quarantine, which began last Friday, after another all-school testing clinic revealed additional students and faculty were positive. To date, 21 students and two employees have tested positive since Sunday, May 25. 

Senior Rachel Hinkley says, “I think it’s especially nerveracking to find out these test results just for the fact girls hockey has been through this before and we know what happens and what it means if more people were to test positive,” noting the girls’ hockey team had an outbreak of COVID-19 over spring break. “We all want to have the best last few weeks of school,” Hinkley continued, especially the seniors who are about to graduate, and I think that’s what’s making most of us nervous: uncertainty about the details about prom, graduation, and all the events kids enjoy and want to experience. So, we’re all hoping these tests come back negative so we can go back to seeing our friends and continue in person classes.”  

“I definitely felt anxious after seeing how many cases we started to get,” said senior Jazzy ValenzuelaDuring the day I feel bored in my room, however outdoor time is rejuvenating from the fresh air and walks we take,” said Valenzuela. Right now, I am hopeful that we will be able to resume a normal school on Thursday. I continue to be hopeful that we will be able to have a graduation and prom, she said.  

Students are eager to learn about the test results later tonight and will be anxiously awaiting for a message from Mr. Spear or Mr. Maher. 


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