Cluster of Positive Cases at Northwood

The front page of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise featured a story by reporter Elizabeth Izzo.

After several rounds of negative COVID-19 tests following spring break, Northwood reported a positive case from the boys’ soccer cohort on April 25th. Following the positive case, the entire cohort was put into quarantine and tested again which resulted in identifying additional positive cases within the cohort. All the positive cases had either mild or no symptoms. The soccer cohort remained in quarantine while the rest of the student body continued in person classes.  

Following the multiple cases within the community, students were anxious about the possibility of an outbreak within other cohorts and how it would affect end of the year activities including prom and graduation. Ashlyn McGrath ‘21 said, “I wasn’t concerned to contract the virus because I had it over spring break. My only concern with all the positive cases arising was prom, graduation and the rest of the year. It’s my senior year, and I want to be able to enjoy the rest of it and have fun with all my friends.”  

While the soccer cohort and close contacts remained in quarantine, surveillance testing on Tuesday, April 27th confirmed a positive case within the girl’s hockey cohort. After receiving the news all students were placed in quarantine until the results of an all-school testing came back. The whole community was tested on Thursday, April 29thResults of that clinic revealed more positive case within the boy’s hockey cohort along with two staff members. The school remains in quarantine until a second testing is conducted and the results come back.  

As of Monday, May 3rd. 22 cases have been confirmed. The contraction of the virus is still unknown with many roots of the outbreak being possible. Nearly all of the school’s faculty is fully vaccinated, and many students have received the first vaccine. The school continues to work closely with the Essex County Health Department about the outbreak.  


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